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You’ve probably been through this ordeal before. You get a call from your client complaining about a denied insurance claim. You’ve been around the block a few times, so you know exactly what happened — your client was contacted by a roofing company canvassing their neighborhood. The roofing company told your client that their roof is damaged and convinced them to sign a contingency contract, assuring them that they would get a free roof at no risk. Your client files an insurance claim at the behest of the roofer.

Well, the adjuster meeting happens, and you find that there is no storm-related damage on your client’s roof. The claim is rightfully denied, and now your client is mad at you because their “roofer” told them that they would get a free roof and that the big, bad insurance company just doesn’t want to cover the cost.

This is where Just Roofs And Gutters comes in! We want to spare you from these negative client interactions and frustrating situations. We are experienced liaisons between insurance agents, homeowners, and other stakeholders, led by former insurance and mortgage agents that understand your interests in a roofing damage claim situation and know how to speak the language of everyone at the table. Call us, and we’ll show you how to minimize unwarranted claims, protect your clients from predatory roofing companies, and how we make your firm and your carriers look like the heroes that you are.

Common Roof Insurance Claim Pitfalls

There are a few issues that pop up consistently when it comes to people filing claims for their roof. Let’s review some of the most common problems and how our roofing liaison services can help!

Policy Exclusions

Policy exclusions are provisions in an insurance contract that are not covered by the insurance, and many roofing companies are unaware of them. Policy exclusions vary by contract, but many roofing contractors are ignorant of common policy exclusions, such as roof damage caused by the owner (intentional or not), the replacement of certain materials on the roof, roofs that are nearing their replacement lifespan, improperly maintained roofs, and more. These kinds of policy exclusions are where roofing companies without insurance experience most often end up costing your clients lots of money, before they try to shift the blame to you.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance requirements for an insurance policy can vary widely. Because of this, we recommend having your roof inspected by experienced professionals like Just Roofs And Gutters! Any good roofing company will recommend homeowners keep their roofs and gutters clean and clear of debris, and remove any potential tree hazards, such as overhanging branches. We can help you and your clients implement these maintenance tasks in a way that honors the insurance policy.

Superior Technology

We live in the age of technological innovation, and Just Roofs And Gutters stays at the cutting edge of roofing by employing drones for our roof inspections. Not only does that cut down on the cost of inspections for our clients, but it also allows us to get a closer look at specific issues than a human inspector can. Roof inspection by drone also minimizes the potential for incidental roof damage that some inspectors can cause just by being up there.

Smart, Value-Driven Roofing Services

We have tailored our roofing company to not only provide the highest quality roofing service possible, but to also conduct our business in a way that respects our clients and their bottom lines.There is nothing worse for a homeowner than finding out that the huge construction project you just finished on your home is not covered when you thought it was, and there is nothing worse for an insurance agent than dealing with an unhappy customer who is on the hook financially for a roofer not understanding insurance. Our goal is to take the anxiety away for our clients, whether they be homeowners, real estate agents, or insurance companies, and bridge the gap between all stakeholders to provide dependable, financially prudent roofing care for all.

Call Just Roofs And Gutters today to learn more about our mortgage and insurance expertise, and our outcome-focused approach to roofing!

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