Most property owners only get a roof inspection completed after visual problems have developed with their roofing, or after a storm to assess the extent of damage — in other words, most property owners only get roof inspections completed once it’s too late. 

You may be wondering, ‘why on Earth should I get a roof inspection completed unless I absolutely have to?” Well, that’s the question we’ll answer in today’s blog!

At Just Roofs & Gutters, we help homeowners and property managers throughout the Denver area maintain top-quality roofs to maximize their property value, and we provide an unbiased, data-driven perspective for insurance agents and property owners throughout the claims process. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the value of roof inspections — regardless of the state of your roof — and how they can help in a variety of situations. Connect with us today to schedule a roof inspection for your property, and continue reading below to learn more about the true value of roof inspections!

Roof Safety (And Efficiency)

At Just Roofs & Gutters, we conduct our roof inspections via drone. Why? Because it eliminates a ton of the downsides associated with traditional, human-conducted roof inspections. 

For one, drone-based roof inspections are cost-effective — they’re quicker and cheaper to complete than traditional roof inspections, and they deliver high-quality data that can be examined and referenced by all stakeholders, as opposed to just the simple written report you get from human inspectors. 

They’re also safer for your roof! Drones can reach places on your roof that are difficult for even professional roofers to get a good view of, and they can capture angles that humans just can’t. The biggest value of drone-based roof inspections is that they’re contactless — you can get detailed information on the condition of your roofing without the drone ever touching your property! Human-conducted roof inspections are generally safe, too, but even the most seasoned roofer can’t take away the risk of roof damage that comes when someone climbs up onto your roof to inspect it. That’s why we conduct our roof inspections via drone here at Just Roofs And Gutters — it’s just safer!

Real Estate 

Roof inspections are invaluable during the pre-listing phase of property sales. If you’ve ever seen a property sale fall through after a buyer demands a five-year roof certification and the client can’t produce it in time, you know exactly how important roof inspections can be. At Just Roofs And Gutters, we work with listing agents and property managers to conduct detailed roof inspections and issue certifications before properties go to market in order to give them the best chance of a smooth, hassle-free sale. 

These five-year roof certifications are a big deal to knowledgeable property buyers — they add value to a property by providing legal assurance that the current roof on a property has been well maintained and is in quality condition. A five-year certificate for a roof means that a property’s roof can be expected to last a minimum of five years, barring unexpected damage from storms or other unpredictable factors. 

Not every roofing company in Denver can offer roofing certifications like this! Roof inspections for quality certification are a bit more involved than your standard roof inspection. In these types of roof inspections, both the roof’s exterior and interior are closely examined. Here’s just a few of things we analyze during a roof inspection for quality certification:

Roof Interior

Proper Insulation


Mold & Moisture

Roof Exterior


Ice Dams


Roofing Materials

Our certification-related roof inspections include additional details and opportunities to add value to your property and ensure a smooth sale. Learn more about our pre-listing roof inspections by clicking the button below.

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Insurance Claims

Let’s face it — no stakeholder in an insurance claim situation really enjoys the process. Insurance contracts can be difficult for property owners to understand, and insurance agents don’t want to lose clients over a misunderstanding of policy exclusions or maintenance requirements. Worse still, some roofing companies out there will pressure homeowners into quick roof repair or full-on roof replacement without considering if the work will even be covered! This is where the value of data-driven roofing inspections from innovative roofers such as Just Roofs And Gutters really shines. 

At the end of the day, no one wants to get stuck with the cost of roof work. Roofers will promise clients to negotiate with their insurance companies on their behalf, and insurance agents are trying to keep their own costs down, just like any other business. We strike a balance by offering drone-based, data-driven roof inspections that both parties can rely on as accurate, unbiased information. 

Better yet, we combine this data-driven approach with a unique background in home finance and insurance — our foremost team members spent decades in these industries before turning to roofing. We can help bridge the knowledge gap to ensure everyone is on the same page and that a property’s roofing is maintained in peak condition before any claim-necessitating situation occurs. 

This means working with you to help you understand the nuances of your insurance coverage. Many roofing insurance policies have exclusions that exempt coverage of certain kinds of damage, or roofing maintenance requirements that invalidate coverage should they not be fulfilled. 

We can help you understand your contract, as well as help back you up with documentation! Documentation is everything in the worlds of law and insurance, and if you get a roofing certificate from Just Roofs And Gutters, or other similar proof of you honoring the roof maintenance requirements of your insurance policy, this will make the claims process for any kind of roof repair or replacement you need in the future much easier to get fully covered. 

Get Your Roofing Inspected

Now that you know the value of roof inspections, why not take the time to add value to your property? Connect with Just Roofs And Gutters today to schedule a drone-based roof inspection for your property, and start benefiting from Denver’s most innovative roofing company today!

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