As we all deal with this world pandemic, we want you to know that Just Roofs and Gutters takes social distancing, local, state and federal guidelines very seriously. We fall under the category of “essential” business and Just Roofs and Gutters has adopted a pandemic procedure plan and staff has been trained. We want you to know some of the very important points:

  1. We are web-based and de-centralized.
    1. We utilize web-based technology to conduct meetings with staff, insurance agents, real estate agents, and property managers.
    2. We utilize web-based informational meetings with our clients to outline project details, insurance details, etc.
    3. Face to face interaction, although is our favorite way to do business is not appropriate at this time.  Interactions are web-based or follow social distancing guidelines.
  2. We conduct roof and exterior inspections as always and will continue to send our roof conditions reports for free.  We are ramping our ability to send “virtual inspections” to our clients and referral sources.
  3. We continue to collect payments via web-based, secure payment options. 
  4. We have a full time, FAA licensed drone operator and will deploy as needed.